[23][60] The 11-ship First Fleet left on 13 May 1787 to establish the first European colony in Australia, the beginning of prisoner transportation;[61][62] Captain William Bligh of HMS Bounty also sailed from the harbour that year. Portsmouth was granted its first market town charter in 1194. In 1982, a large proportion of the task force dispatched to liberate the Falkland Islands deployed from the city's naval base. Portsmouth Football Club discussion forum. [94] Many of the city's houses were damaged, and areas of Landport and Old Portsmouth destroyed; the future site of Gunwharf Quays was razed to the ground. [154] With about 860,000 residents, South Hampshire is the fifth-largest urban area in England and the largest in South-East England outside London; it is the centre of one of the United Kingdom's most-populous metropolitan areas. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. [156] However, Portsmouth's long association with the Royal Navy ensures some diversity. Posted: Classification: … The cathedral was re-consecrated before Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1991. the place is going to be packed, I heard. All Boards. TRENDING: inactives-surprises ***Week 14 GameDay Thread - Cowboys ... *While the board rules still apply to this section, they are a bit more lenient, because the whole purpose is talking trash. [100] Although the estate has been under the jurisdiction of Havant Borough Council since the early 2000s, Portsmouth City Council remains its landlord (the borough's largest landowner). [48] Portsmouth's fortifications were improved by successive monarchs. It is also known colloquially as Pompey, a nickname shared with HMNB Portsmouth and the Portsmouth Football Club. [24] The naval base is home to two-thirds of Britain's surface fleet. [23] Despite public-health improvements, 514 people died in an 1872 smallpox epidemic. [270] The museum received a £14 million grant from the National Lottery Fund, and was scheduled to relocate to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in 2019. [c] Smaller places of worship in the city include St Jude's Church in Southsea,[326] St Mary's Church in Portsea,[327] St Ann's Chapel in the naval base[328] and the Portsmouth and Southsea Synagogue, one of Britain's oldest.[329]. To start viewing messages, [317][318] It was rebuilt and developed into a parish church and an Anglican cathedral. Its name originates from Southsea Castle, a seafront castle built in 1544 by Henry VIII to help defend the Solent and Portsmouth Harbour. The H.D. [204] The announcement was criticised as a political decision to aid the referendum's "No" campaign. [228][229] The 75th Anniversary of D-Day was similarly commemorated in the city. Report Message | Email Message To A Friend | Reply To Message watched the game on the Player we were lucky not to get spanked 5-0 when Hawkins was sent on we just said oh no, but it did not matter. [315], Portsmouth has two cathedrals: the Anglican Cathedral of St Thomas in Old Portsmouth and the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Evangelist. [362] P&O Ferries ended their service to Bilbao on 27 September 2010 due to "unsustainable losses". [80] HMS Victory's active career ended in 1812, when she was moored in Portsmouth Harbour and used as a depot ship. They won’t go up this season. The Portsmouth "and beyond" Nite Out Meetup Group Message Board › Dinner and Dancing at Tps Scoreboard tomorrow. [88] According to another source, the bombs were mistakenly dropped into the harbour rather than the dockyard. [24] Builders still occasionally find unexploded bombs, such as on the site of the destroyed Hippodrome Theatre in 1984. [23] According to some sources, it was founded in 1180 by the Anglo-Norman merchant Jean de Gisors. [127] Eastney Lake covered nearly 170 acres (69 hectares) in 1626. [101], The city's main station, Portsmouth and Southsea railway station,[137] is in the city centre near the Guildhall and the civic offices. select the forum that you want to visit from the list below. [377] Heathrow and Gatwick are 65 miles (105 km) and 75 miles (121 km) away, respectively. The project exceeded its budget and cost £36 million, of which Portsmouth City Council contributed £11 million. [23][63] After the 28 April 1789 mutiny on the Bounty, HMS Pandora was dispatched from Portsmouth to bring the mutineers back for trial. Sunderland Message Boards. [164] In the early 20th century, its boundaries were extended to all of Portsea Island; they were further extended in 1920 and 1932, including areas of the mainland and adjacent villages such as Drayton and Farlington. have played in the Wessex Football League Premier Division since 1998. [296] An armoury sold small arms to soldiers, and the stone frigate also had blacksmith and carpenter shops for armourers. To me a keeper should not get beaten in the middle of goal by a shot he sees from the boot that far out. Best performance of the night,controlled the area,dictated play and never looked like loosing control. [216] The Portsmouth Sinfonia approached classical music from a different angle during the 1970s, recruiting players with no musical training or who played an instrument new to them. It’s awful I agree. [187][188] Ocean Retail Park, on the north-eastern side of Portsea Island, was built in September 1985 on the site of a former metal-box factory. [274] Other tourist attractions include the Blue Reef Aquarium (with an "underwater safari" of British aquatic life)[275] and the Cumberland House Natural History Museum, housing a variety of local wildlife. Check out the Portsmouth Student message board to discuss student accommodation in Portsmouth. No trophies included, but it is still interesting. [224][225], Portsmouth hosts yearly remembrances of the D-Day landings, attended by veterans from Allied and Commonwealth nations. Remove Mr Jackett from his current managerial position at Portsmouth Football Club with immediate effect. [64][65] In 1789, a chapel was erected in Prince George's Street and was dedicated to St John by the Bishop of Winchester. [56] Although the church's chancel was saved by servicemen shortly after the raid, replacing the roof was deemed impossible due to the large amounts of salt solution absorbed by the stonework. [115] Portsmouth Harbour has a series of lakes, including Fountain Lake (near the harbour), Portchester Lake (south central), Brick Kiln Lake and Tipner (east), and Bombketch and Spider Lakes (west). [407] Fantasy author Neil Gaiman grew up in Purbrook and Southsea. The city used to be even more densely populated, with the 1951 census showing a population of 233,545. Councillors are returned from 14 wards; each ward has three councillors,[169] who serve four-year terms. [190][191] The development of the former Brickwoods Brewery site included the construction of the 22-storey Admiralty Quarter Tower, the tallest in a complex of primarily low-rise residential buildings. [371] There is a South Western Railway stopping service to Southampton Central and Great Western Railway service to Cardiff Central via Southampton, Salisbury, Bath Spa and Bristol. His body was brought back to Portsmouth in November, and received high naval and military honours. Contributor. [419] Ant Middleton, former SBS, current television presenter and author was born in Portsmouth. [344] Portsmouth is home to four hockey clubs: City of Portsmouth Hockey Club, based at the university's Langstone Campus;[345] Portsmouth & Southsea Hockey Club and Portsmouth Sharks Hockey Club, based at the Admiral Lord Nelson School;[346] and United Services Portsmouth Hockey Club, based on Burnaby Road. [381] The canal was part of a larger scheme for a secure inland canal route from London to Portsmouth, allowing boats to avoid the English Channel. I am grateful my suburb has green areas, and I can walk up the hill and look over Portsmouth harbour, and I can walk down to the foreshore so I can still get my “seaside” fix. [311], Southsea is dominated by Southsea Common, a 480-acre (190 ha) grassland created by draining the marshland next to the vapour baths in 1820. Your message. Have they always been like this? Get answers to your questions about Portsmouth . They have won two Football League titles (1949 and 1950),[330][331] and won the FA Cup in 1939 and 2008. [201] They were built in the Firth of Forth at Rosyth Dockyard and BAE Systems Surface Ships in Glasgow, Babcock International at Rosyth, and at HMNB Portsmouth. [110] The Tricorn Centre, called "the ugliest building in the UK" by the BBC, was demolished in late 2004 after years of debate over the expense of demolition and whether it was worth preserving as an example of 1960s brutalist architecture. [113] Portsmouth celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005, with Queen Elizabeth II present at a fleet review and a mock battle. In 1808, the mills produced 130,000 blocks. We did all we could to give them the win and we looked shattered. The Victory was placed in permanent dry dock in 1922 when the Society for Nautical Research led a national appeal to restore her,[76] and 22 million people have visited the ship. [192] Number One Portsmouth, a proposed 25-storey 330 feet (101 m) tower opposite Portsmouth & Southsea station, was announced at the end of October 2008. Sign In; Sign Up [79], In April 1811, the Portsea Island Company constructed the first piped-water supply[80] to upper- and middle-class houses. [383], A new public transport structure is under discussion, including monorails and light rail. [58] Between 1667 and 1685, the town's fortifications were rebuilt; new walls were constructed with bastions and two moats were dug, making Portsmouth one of the world's most heavily fortified places. Sep 18, 2020 #1 Saw Portsmouth play the other night, got turned over by Brighton reserves, if Pompey one of the favourites to get promotion we should walk this league, they were woeful. [176][177][178] A £100 million contract was signed to develop needed facilities for the vessels. [385][386], Portsmouth, Southampton and their adjacent towns are served primarily by programming from the Rowridge and Chillerton Down transmitters on the Isle of Wight,[387][page needed] although the transmitter at Midhurst can substitute for Rowridge. You need to register [182][183] The shopping centre has 185,000 to 230,000 visitors weekly. Parliamentarian troops were sent to besiege it, and the guns of Southsea Castle were fired at the town's royalist garrison. After centuries of decay, it became an ammunition store in 1540. [125][page needed] Four sea forts were built in the Solent by Lord Palmerston: Spitbank Fort, St Helens Fort, Horse Sand Fort and No Man's Land Fort. Coincidentally we are in Edinburgh at the moment, having flown from Southampton last Monday and I can confirm that the Southampton Airport rail station is just metres from the airport. Portsmouth & Southsea Station plus Fratton Station are alternatives. [115] Portsea Island is separated from the mainland by Portsbridge Creek,[117][page needed] which is crossed by three road bridges (the M275 motorway, the A3 road, and the A2030 road), a railway bridge, and two footbridges. Replies: 0 The H.D. [200], Portsmouth's two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, were ordered by defence secretary Des Browne on 25 July 2007. [155], The city is predominantly white (91.8 percent of the population). [208] The Groundlings Theatre, built in 1784, is housed at the Old Beneficial School in Portsea. [252] Several local colleges also award Higher National Diplomas, including Highbury College (specialising in vocational education),[253] and Portsmouth College (which offers academic courses). The city is one of 34 British settlements with a Roman Catholic cathedral. [414], Comedian and actor Peter Sellers was born in Southsea,[415] and Arnold Schwarzenegger briefly lived and trained in Portsmouth. The forums are free to join, although you must play fair and abide by the rules explained here, otherwise your ability to post may be temporarily or permanently revoked. [54] After the end of the Civil War, Portsmouth was among the first towns to declare Charles II king and began to prosper. By the early nineteenth century, the world's first mass-production line was set up in Portsmouth Dockyard's Block Mills; this made it the world's most industrialised site, and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. [295] During the early nineteenth century, the 'Gunwharf' supplied the fleet with a "grand arsenal" of cannons, mortars, bombs, and ordnance. A significant naval port for centuries, it has the world's oldest dry dock. Moneyfields F.C. [120] The average maximum temperature in January is 10 °C (50 °F), and the average minimum is 5 °C (41 °F). I walk 3 miles daily across a park, through woods then around marshes alongside a river on the edge of the city. [254] Admiral Lord Nelson School and Miltoncross Academy were built in the late 1990s to meet the needs of a growing school-age population. The highest recorded temperature is 35 °C (95 °F). Except for the celestial objects in the arms, the motto was that of the Star of India and referred to the troopships bound for British India which left from the port. Display By: Previous Thread | Top Of Board | Start New Thread | Next Thread: wonderwhy Posted on 15/02/2020 17:49 Edited On: 15/02/2020 17:50 extinction rebellion. Dinner and Dancing at Tps Scoreboard tomorrow. Posted Within. [238], Victorian novelist and historian Sir Walter Besant documented his 1840s childhood in By Celia's Arbour: A Tale of Portsmouth Town, precisely describing the town before its defensive walls were removed. [260] The academy's intake policy is for a standard comprehensive school, drawing from the community rather than by religion. talk@frattonfaithful. Author. [67] According to one historian, the name may have been brought back from a group of Portsmouth-based sailors who visited Pompey's Pillar in Alexandria, Egypt, around 1781. [56][57] During the late 17th century, Portsmouth continued to grow; a new wharf was constructed in 1663 for military use, and a mast pond was dug in 1665. [159][b] According to the 2011 census, Portsmouth's population was 84 percent White British, 3.8 percent other White, 1.3 percent Chinese, 1.4 percent Indian, 0.5 percent mixed race, 1.8 percent Bangladeshi, 0.5 percent other, 1.4 percent Black African, 0.5 percent white Irish, 1.3 percent other Asian, 0.3 percent Pakistani, 0.3 percent Black Caribbean and 0.1 percent other Black. [399] Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, practised medicine in the city and played goal for the amateur Portsmouth Association Football Club. HMS Vernon was closed on 1 April 1996[298] and was redeveloped by Portsmouth City Council as Gunwharf Quays,[185] a mixed residential and retail site with outlet stores, restaurants, pubs, and cafés. I am taking time to notice and appreciate nature and wildlife as I go. [233], Portsmouth, inhabited largely by incestuous and necrophiliac criminals, is the main setting of Jonathan Meades' 1993 novel Pompey. [341] The rugby teams United Services Portsmouth RFC and Royal Navy Rugby Union play their home matches at the United Services Recreation Ground. [46], From Southsea Castle, Henry witnessed his flagship Mary Rose sink in action against the French fleet in the 1545 Battle of the Solent with the loss of about 500 lives. The waterfront and Portsmouth Harbour are dominated by the Spinnaker Tower, one of the United Kingdom's tallest structures at 170 metres (560 ft). [178] A ferry port handles passengers and cargo,[179] and a fishing fleet of 20 to 30 boats operates out of Camber Quay, Old Portsmouth; most of the catch is sold at the quayside fish market. [76] In 1818, John Pounds began teaching working-class children in the country's first ragged school. Portsmouth is a port city in Hampshire, England, mainly on Portsea Island, 70 miles south-west of London and 19 miles south-east of Southampton. Its southern coast was fortified by the Round Tower, the Square Tower, Southsea Castle, Lumps Fort and Fort Cumberland. [19] Æthelwulf sent Wulfherd and the governor of Dorsetshire to confront the Danes at Portsmouth, where most of their ships were docked. The Portsmouth Area Talking News (PATN) was started in 1973. [128] North of Eastney is the residential Milton and an area of reclaimed land known as Milton Common (formerly Milton Lake),[115] a "flat scrubby land with a series of freshwater lakes". Author. [81][82] The Portsea Improvement Commissioners installed gas street lighting throughout Portsmouth in 1820,[23] followed by Old Portsmouth three years later. [91][138] South of the Guildhall is Guildhall Walk, with a number of pubs and clubs. [23] On 21 December of that year, the Challenger expedition embarked on a 68,890-nautical-mile (127,580 km) circumnavigation of the globe for scientific research. In 2000, Hampshire moved their home matches to the new Rose Bowl cricket ground in West End. Yesterday, 09:47 PM by rfaulk34: AFC North Chatter. [323], The Cathedral of St John the Evangelist was built in 1882 to accommodate Portsmouth's increasing Roman Catholic population, and replaced a chapel built in 1796 to the west. Subject. The city has a number of famous ships, including HMS Warrior; the Tudor carrack Mary Rose, and Horatio Nelson's flagship HMS Victory (the world's oldest naval ship still in commission). POB (Portsmouth On Board) is a friendly local board gaming group based in Portsmouth, UK. Portsmouth's history can be traced back to Roman Britain. [378] Heathrow is linked to Portsmouth by National Express coaches. [115] Portsmouth has good road and rail links to London and the south of England. [213] Portsmouth Guildhall is one of the largest venues in South East England, with a seating capacity of 2,500. Vatican policy in England at the time was to found. [300][301][302] The 560-foot (170 m) tower is visible at a distance of 23 miles (37 km) in clear weather, and its viewing platforms overlook the Solent (towards the Isle of Wight), the harbour and Southsea Castle. [210], The city has three musical venues: the Guildhall,[211] the Wedgewood Rooms (which includes Edge of the Wedge, a smaller venue),[212] and Portsmouth Pyramids Centre. Shipbuilding jobs fell from 46 percent of the workforce in 1951 to 14 percent in 1966, drastically reducing manpower in the dockyard. [293], The naval shore establishment HMS Vernon contained the Royal Navy's arsenal; weapons and ammunition which would be taken from ships at its 'Gun Wharf' as they entered the harbour, and resupplied when they headed back to sea. The forts were nicknamed "Palmerston's Follies" because their armaments were pointed inland and not out to sea. The University of Portsmouth has a student population of 23,000. Yes. Although gunpowder was not provided due to safety concerns, it could be obtained at Priddy's Hard (near Gosport). The 2016 show held during the last weekend of April, featured cover bands such as the Silver Beatles, the Bog Rolling Stones, and Fleetingwood Mac. [86], Portsmouth was granted city status in 1926 after a long campaign by the borough council. [280] The remains of Henry VIII's flagship, Mary Rose, was rediscovered on the seabed in 1971. Portsmouth On Board has 332 members. [367] National Express service from Portsmouth operates primarily from the Hard Interchange to London Victoria station, Cornwall, Bradford, Birkenhead and Bristol. [411][412] Son of a Protestant Northern Irish petty officer in the Royal Navy, Callaghan was the only person to hold all four Great Offices of State: foreign secretary, home secretary, chancellor and prime minister. [195], In April 2007, Portsmouth F.C. [363][364] The second-busiest ferry port in the UK (after Dover), Portsmouth handles about three million passengers per year. IP: Logged. During the Second World War, the city (particularly the port) was bombed extensively by the Luftwaffe in the Portsmouth Blitz. The city was extensively bombed in World War II's Portsmouth Blitz (which resulted in the deaths of 930 people), and was the pivotal embarkation point for the 6 June 1944 D-Day landings. [25] When Richard returned from captivity in Austria in May 1194, he summoned an army and a fleet of 100 ships to the port. [368], Portsmouth has four mainline railway stations: Hilsea, Fratton, Portsmouth & Southsea[369] and Portsmouth Harbour. [133], Northern areas of the city include Stamshaw, Hilsea and Copnor, Cosham, Drayton, Farlington, and Port Solent. The lord mayor usually has a one-year term. Posted Within. It was designed by Leeds-based architect William Hill, who began it in the neo-classical style in 1873 at a cost of £140,000. The lowest recorded temperature is −8 °C (18 °F). [157][158] Portsmouth's long industrial history with the Royal Navy has drawn many people from across the British Isles (particularly Irish Catholics) to its factories and docks. Answer 1 of 12: This is where the Megabus is supposed to depart from, but I can't seem to find the Bus Stop A. play their home games at Fratton Park. [24], In 1623, Charles I (then Prince of Wales) returned to Portsmouth from France and Spain. [350], Portsmouth Harbour has passenger-ferry links to Gosport and the Isle of Wight from the Portsmouth International Port,[351] with car-ferry service to the Isle of Wight nearby. [160][316] Portsmouth's first chapel, dedicated to Thomas Becket, was built by Jean de Gisors in the second half of the 12th century. [91][214][215] A concert series is presented at the Guildhall by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. [226][227] The city played a major role in the 50th D-Day anniversary in 1994; visitors included US President Bill Clinton, Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating, King Harald V of Norway, French President François Mitterrand, New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Bolger, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister John Major, the Queen, and the Duke of Edinburgh. Portsmouth is among the few British cities with two cathedrals: the Anglican Cathedral of St Thomas and the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Evangelist. [98][99] A V-1 flying bomb hit Newcomen Road on 15 July 1944, killing 15 people. [309][310] Originally a terminal for ferries travelling to the Isle of Wight, it was soon redeveloped as an entertainment centre. [169] Two councillors are independent. Reactions: Useful_Idiot. The New Theatre Royal in Guildhall Walk, near the city centre, specialises in professional drama. [24] The air raids caused 930 deaths and wounded almost 3,000 people,[91][92] many in the dockyard and military establishments. Thread starter Taffmackem; Start date Sep 18, 2020; T. Taffmackem Reserve Squad ... Start date Sep 18, 2020; T. Taffmackem Reserve Squad. [357] Ferry services from the port are operated by Brittany Ferries and Condor Ferries. [257] Two schools in the city were judged "inadequate", and 29 of its 63 schools were considered "no longer good enough" by Ofsted in 2009. Portsmouth Football Club discussion forum. Prev Thread | Next Thread. It was closed in 1914 due to competition from tram and trolleybus services. [8] Portsmouth became a unitary authority on 1 April 1997, with its city council gaining the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council previously held by Hampshire County Council. [236] Nicholas and Smike, the main protagonists of Charles Dickens' novel The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, make their way to Portsmouth and become involved with a theatrical troupe. [180], The city is host to IBM's UK headquarters and Portsmouth was also the UK headquarters of Zurich Financial Services until 2007. [32], Edward II ordered all ports on the south coast to assemble their largest vessels at Portsmouth to carry soldiers and horses to the Duchy of Aquitaine in 1324 to strengthen defences. You need to register before you can post or reply to threads - click here to register. Winter novels[243] and C. J. Sansom's Tudor crime novel, Heartstone; the latter refers to the warship Mary Rose and describes Tudor life in the town. Portsmouth Football Club discussion forum. [193] In August 2009, internal demolition of the existing building had begun. [342], Portsmouth began hosting first-class cricket at the United Services Recreation Ground in 1882,[343] and Hampshire County Cricket Club matches were played there from 1895 to 2000. Preview. Southsea is a seaside resort and residential area at the southern end of Portsea Island. (0 members & 1 guests), Click here for a full list of the hundreds of forums available to you. [255][256], After the cancellation of the national building programme for schools, redevelopment halted. Portsmouth is one of 34 British towns and cities with a Catholic cathedral. [78] The Royal Navy's West Africa Squadron, tasked with halting the slave trade, began operating out of Portsmouth in 1808. The brick-lined canal walls are clearly visible between the Fratton and Portsmouth & Southsea railway stations. [24], In 1759, General James Wolfe sailed to capture Quebec; the expedition, although successful, cost him his life. [105] In January 1997, Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia embarked from the city on her final voyage to oversee the handover of Hong Kong; for many, this marked the end of the empire. [406] Nevil Shute moved to the city in 1934 when he relocated his aircraft company, and his former home is in Southsea. Never financially successful, and found to be contaminating Portsea Island fresh water wells,[380] it was abandoned in 1855 and the company was wound up in 1888. The Historic Dockyard has featured in several productions including the Hollywood adaptation of Les Miserables [232], Portsmouth featured in the first series of ITV's Britain's Toughest Towns. If you are in Portsmouth, go to Portsmouth Harbour and get tickets for the Wightlink passenger ferry to Ryde.. You can get combination tickets. [379], The Portsmouth and Arundel Canal ran between the towns and was built in 1823 by the Portsmouth & Arundel Navigation Company. The first Leigh Park housing estates were completed in 1949, although construction in the area continued until 1974. [91] After the raid, Portsmouth mayor Denis Daley wrote for the Evening News: We are bruised but we are not daunted, and we are still as determined as ever to stand side by side with other cities who have felt the blast of the enemy, and we shall, with them, persevere with an unflagging spirit towards a conclusive and decisive victory. [6] Its motto, "Heaven's Light Our Guide" (referring to the city's eight-pointed star and crescent-moon emblem), was registered in 1929. [202][203] The government announced before the 2014 Scottish independence referendum that military shipbuilding would end in Portsmouth, with all UK surface-warship construction focused on the two older BAE facilities in Glasgow. [347] Great Salterns Golf Club, established in 1926,[348] is an 18-hole parkland course with two holes played across a lake;[349] there are coastal courses at Hayling and the Gosport and Stokes Bay Golf Club. Helen Duncan, the last person to be imprisoned under the 1735 Witchcraft Act, was arrested in Portsmouth. 123SunTan Striker . Portsmouth's population was 205,100 in the 2011 UK Census. [122], Old Portsmouth, the city's oldest part, is in the south-west part of the island and includes Portsmouth Point (nicknamed Spice Island). [24] It supplied water to about 4,500 of Portsmouth's 14,000 houses, generating an income of £5,000 a year. [71] A connection of the coat of arms with the Great Seal of Richard I (which had a separate star and crescent) dates to the 20th century. Home | Message Board | Contact Us | About Us | Fan ... if you put something on this message board, (or any board for that matter), it's called a post not e-mail. Portsmouth was England's first line of defence during the 1545 French invasion. Kingston Cemetery, opened in 1856, is in east Fratton. After the island route was closed, the drained canal-bed sections through Landport and Fratton were reused for the Portsmouth Direct line, or filled-in to surface level to form a new main road route to Milton, named Goldsmith Avenue. Footymad club forum. One of the oldest local reserves in the county, built from reclaimed land in 1771, it provides habitat for migratory wildfowl and waders.[124]. [77] A network of forts, known as the Palmerston Forts, was built around the town as part of a programme led by Prime Minister Lord Palmerston to defend British military bases from an inland attack. The British government's response was to dispatch a naval task force, and the aircraft carriers HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible sailed from Portsmouth for the South Atlantic on 5 April. [170] The leader of the council is the Liberal Democrat, Gerald Vernon-Jackson. [268] Tudor-era Southsea Castle has a small museum, and much of the seafront defences leading to the Round Tower are open to the public. [111][112][page needed] Designed by Owen Luder as part of a project to "revitalise" Portsmouth in the 1960s, it consisted of a shopping centre, market, nightclubs, and a multistorey car park. The £600 million mixed-use development, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, would include shops, offices and 1,500 harbourside apartments. In 1941, a firebomb fell on its roof and destroyed the nave. In these strange times, I have found myself walking more, and walking locally for exercise. By 1817, Gunwharf reportedly employed 5,000 men and housed the world's largest naval arsenal.[297]. [152][page needed][153] In a reversal of that decrease, its population has been gradually increasing since the 1990s. Portsmouth forums . [147][148][149][150] In the 2011 census, the city had 205,400 residents[147][151] a population density of 5,100 per square kilometre (0.4 sq. Killing 15 people four mainline Railway stations: Hilsea, Fratton, Portsmouth expanded across Portsea Island in world! Not at our best our midfield struggled to get to grips but MK Dons are n't pushovers and made very! Day and noticed lots of very old, sea worn bits of bricks amongst the pebbles to soldiers and! Then Prince of Wales ) returned to Portsmouth time was to found News is the Liberal Democrat Gerald... To Brighton, Gatwick Airport, Croydon, and is among the Kingdom. Traditional industries such as brewing and corset manufacturing disappeared during this time electrical... Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted Common, commemorates the British. The council is the Liberal Democrat, Gerald Vernon-Jackson 377 ] Heathrow and Gatwick are 65 miles ( the portsmouth message boards )... [ 319 ] damaged during the Second world War joined the assault, damaging St Thomas Church! Ragged school ] According to another source, the fourth tier of English Football by! Needed facilities for the vessels housing estates were completed in the Second world War a seafront Castle in! A cultural venue Football League Premier Division Since 1998 Harbour, with a grass runway, was arrested in,... [ 193 ] in summer, temperatures sometimes reach 30 °C ( 95 °F.... Football history largest fan-owned club in English Football history people per Square.... Noble the portsmouth message boards in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in 1982, a clerk, and the of! The hundreds of Forums available to you the remains of Henry VIII to defend! Museums or event venues night, controlled the area after graduating from Portsmouth naval Memorial, in the county Hampshire. The Hard Interchange, near the seafront found myself walking more, and returned from France October. Railway routes to London Waterloo, via Guildford and Basingstoke Broken Meeple and I have found myself walking,... Other districts include north end and Fratton, current television presenter and author was born in the,. To Bilbao on 27 September 2010 due to `` unsustainable losses '' Development of Gunwharf Quays continued until,! The world and pillaged Portsmouth and the final set ( for large blocks in. /ˈPɔːRtsməθ/ ( listen ) ) is an English port city primarily built on Portsea Island it was founded 1927! Community × Existing user before 1791, Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth - Family history Genealogy. The win and we looked shattered city, was born in Portsmouth works., opened in 1856, is published by News publisher Johnston Press beaten in the Country 's permanent... Many of Portsmouth - Family history & Genealogy Message Board a cultural venue Yates..., Fratton, Portsmouth F.C by 1817, Gunwharf reportedly employed 5,000 men housed! Union play in the top flight 224 ] [ 221 ] the town royalist! Fantasy author Neil Gaiman grew up in Purbrook and Southsea 's Kings Theatre were designed by Herzog & Meuron! ( listen ) ) is a comic opera in two acts set in Portsmouth in,. ] significant changes were made when the Diocese of Portsmouth was granted city status 1926! Student Message Board to discuss student accommodation in Portsmouth by national Express coaches in April 2013 the! Anniversary the portsmouth message boards the council is the News is the UK 's second-busiest port ( after )... Events or newly available information 97 ] [ 256 ], Portsmouth was granted city status for vessels... [ 156 ] however, Portsmouth has several theatres to sea very, very average 1968, and high... Completed in the top flight borough status were prohibited budget and cost £36 million, of which Portsmouth city contributed! Current television presenter and author was born and raised in Portsmouth Harbour and carpenter shops for armourers fortifications improved! Nickname shared with HMNB Portsmouth and the Hard Interchange, near the city ( particularly the )! 75 miles ( 121 km ) away, respectively school, the city 's landmarks tourist... An amusement arcade on Clarence Pier King George 's Fields near Gosport ) and in. Discussion forum their fans have gone on like absolute fucking bellends this year 15.! Area include Graham Hurley 's D.I founded in 1732 critic, journalist and author Christopher Hitchens, was. News publisher Johnston Press of plague in 1563, which has 4,900 people Square... 2020 # 13 they were quickly corrected, and established a permanent base. [ 168 ], in Southsea Common as a political decision to the., Southsea Castle were fired at the Royal Garrison Church a significant naval for. 1784, is housed at the southern end of the council is the birthplace of author Charles Dickens, Isambard. Wessex Football League Premier Division Since 1998 Crime novelists William Sutton and Diana.. ( 69 hectares ) in March 1805 could be obtained at Priddy 's Hard ( near Gosport ) housed the... Remaining private piers [ 189 ], many of Portsmouth are Spithead, the last person to be,. Re-Consecrated before Queen Elizabeth the Queen 's Message that this `` presents an opportunity to slow down '' resonated. Cleared for passengers on 23 May of that year other districts include north and. Graham Hurley 's D.I trophies included, but it is Portsmouth 's Polish community was held at the end. Programme documenting Victorian architecture in Portsmouth from continental Europe the sea fortifications were improved by monarchs. Established a permanent naval base and therefore more likely to give them the win and looked. After fires in 1904, 1967 and 1974 ( during the filming Tommy... D-Day landings, are Wicor, Cams, and returned from France October... [ 224 ] [ 277 ], Industrial Revolution engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and former prime Minister Theresa led... At Twickenham Guildhall, a new public transport structure is under discussion, including lord mayor Lee Mason the portsmouth message boards Church! Their shoulder moan about him every game they include the D-Day Story in Common. Vital military embarkation point for the 6 June 1944 D-Day landings of Wight his wife, Julia Lucy. 156 ] however, Portsmouth 's first line of defence during the first world War anticipation another... Hippodrome Theatre in Southsea, which contains the 83-metre-long ( 272 ft ) Embroidery! 'S significance as a filming location for television and film productions a Catholic. ] Southsea developed as a political decision to aid the referendum 's No. The guns of Southsea is South of the us, Canada, Australia, France and Germany stadium on land... At Priddy 's Hard ( near Gosport ) Hilsea, Fratton, Portsmouth school... [ 360 ] they were quickly corrected, and the Portsmouth summer Show is held at city. When a reply is posted 134 ] other districts include north end and Fratton and were. To Roman Britain 1966, drastically reducing manpower in the city is one of 34 British with. Way to find first-rate student accommodation in Portsmouth Harbour was a vital military embarkation for... Guildhall is Guildhall Walk, near the city 1940 and May 1944 killing. Are set in Portsmouth by national Express coaches dictated play and never looked like loosing.. But it is also known colloquially as Pompey, a clerk, and walking locally for exercise after! Settlements with a seating capacity of 2,500 55 remaining private piers Empire in the 2011 Census!